Artist of The Month:

Lorie Inglis

What started as a hobby has turned into so much more. I had a passion for taking pictures since early childhood which petered off in my 20's due to life getting in the way. Recently I have been able to pick up my passion again and find myself drawn to action, capturing anything that moves.  My goal with photography is to capture that feeling of exploring a new place, capturing a moment in time, freezing it to be shared and re-lived over and over again.

My journey has led me to photographing many western riding events, youth sports, dog sports, family pet photoshoots and wildlife.

I am also able to combine my love of photography with my other passion, animal  rescue.  I take photos for 2 local rescues to capture that one special shot that might get them adopted.

This new chapter of my life has been so exciting and I can't wait to see where it takes me.


The Barn Artisan Market: June 23rd, 2024